Timmerman Family | Boise, ID

When your old Starbucks manager from good o'l Boise and Apple calls and asks to photograph her family again, you say, "When?!" and "NOW, please!" If you've ever worked for Andrea, you'd agree with me 1000% that she is the BEST to work for. Period. She made working two jobs through college an absolute joy when it came to 12 hour days. I have some good stories but that's for another time. :) Well, guys, I was BEYOND excited to spend time with these guys and have a few good laughs. And this little one, she's the CUTEST! More than that, she is loved to PIECES friends, let me tell you. Side note... I love when clients pick their own location. The Boise, Idaho Bishop's House was just the perfect spot to capture some sweet memories for them. Take me there again soon!