Boise Family Photographer | 5 Tips For Your Next Family Portrait Session

Boise Family Photographer | 5 Tips For Your Next Family Portrait Session

1. Let go of any photos you have in mind: 

So you were scrolling through Pinterest and saw the most beautiful photograph you want to recreate here with your Boise family photographer. We've all done this. I'm 100% guilty! You know what the best thing about a lifestyle session? Every session is different.  If you already love the style of your photographer, trust them to capture your family in the most genuine way possible. Ideas are fun and encouraged, but it won't look exactly like your Pin. It's going to be candid, raw, and will showcase your family...well, being your family. And the good news: You'll love the outcome because you can't fake those giggly and genuine reactions.  

2. Relax: 

This is definitely easier said than done. If you want those genuine memories captured, the best way to achieve this is to let the photographer do all the work.  We know exactly what needs to happen to get those authentic expressions out of your kiddos. Your job? To play. Maybe tell a few corny jokes and to keep brother laughing. And friends, keep it light. Trust me, this advice is kid tested, dad approved. 

3. Prep the kids: 

Build it up. Talk about it all day. Hype it up so much that when you arrive the kids are excited and ready to play. I always have surprise tricks up my sleeve to make sure the kiddos stay happy, but sometimes planning an ice cream date or a visit to their favorite park on the way home helps keep the spirits high. Also, make sure they've been fed, napped, and hydrated before you show up. Yep, that's mandatory.  Same goes to dad. ;)

4. Choose the right season and time of day: 

This is especially important in the summer months. Sunrise and sunset happen EARLY and LATE. You know, when many kids are sleeping. Our 1 year old is a happy camper in the early AM so we made sure to book our family session in the sunrise slot. Be aware that choosing the sunset option might throw your toddler's day off. I encourage giving a late nap that day to avoid a cranky kiddo. 

5. Where will your photo be hanging? 

Did you think about printing them or which wall you want to fill? If you know me, you know I can't stress this part enough. Technology has made it far too easy to keep photos on our computer screens and archived on social media. We take photos all day long of our kids, dogs, and adventures. We are so fortunate to have this technology, but friends...This generation photographs the most and prints the least. Let's read that again. Us millennials photograph the most and prints the least. What would happen if social media was gone tomorrow? Or something happened to your phone? Printing your favorite images will ensure that future generations will see those memories and get a glimpse of your marriage, your kids, your smiles. USB's are great for now, but we don't know what technology will look like 50 years from now. Heck, 10 years from now. Yikes! 

This year I started offering products in all of my collections and I couldn't be more thrilled. That's right. Beautiful canvases, albums, and image boxes to display your beautiful family. That's for another blog! Let me help document your family help get those memories on your wall. 

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