Boise Family Photographer | The Number 1 Question I Get Asked the Most

This month I'm celebrating one year of saying no to photos being trapped on computers.  A year of designing jaw dropping heirloom albums that the grandkids will gush over forever. And one year of installing framed galleries that families will smile at every. single. day. 

"But wait, can't I just have the digitals?!"

That's a very valid question in our digital world. Today I've decided to get down to the nitty gritty about digitals vs. printing. In short, yes! You can just have the digitals. Before you leave me, let's break it down. Today I'm listing the top 5 reasons why I don't hand over a USB and call it a day. 

Before switching over to offering professional printing as my specialty, I prayed. I surveyed. I analyzed. I researched. I asked my previous clients, "what did you end up doing with those images from last spring?" Their answers confirmed my greatest fear. Not just one family, a majority of them still had their images stuck on their computer.

One week turns into 6 weeks, into 6 months, into years, into never. 


That's not how I envisioned your family portrait 50 years from the time I pressed the shutter. 


1.  Technology is Always Changing: 

From floppy disks, to CD's, to USB's. Our iMac has no option for a CD – you can guess what format our wedding photos are on. What happens when USB’s are outdated? If Facebook or Instagram suddenly disappear, how would you access those images if they're not on a cloud or hard drive? Do you have them alllll backed up and printed?


It’s so easy for our own grandparents to get a box off the shelf and talk to us about them as kids. But us? Hold on grandma while I scroll through 8,000 Facebook pictures to show you that one time last spring. If our pictures are on a folder somewhere on your computer, how are your kids going to know how and where to find them? What an overwhelming task for a grieving family member. 

2. Technology Fails: 

Corrupt files can't be uncorrupted. DVD’s break. iPhones die (well, at least their batteries do.) Technology fails, friend. Luckily, professional quality images can be reprinted if damaged.

With prints we never have to worry about a crashing hard drive. It's kept safe in that beautifully crafted heirloom album you picked out after your session and it sits right there on your coffee table (or higher if you're like me and have a toddler!) You know, for your friends to "oooo" and "ahhh" over at your next dinner party. Your family will hold on to those memories forever, and that my friend, will only increase in value. 


3. My Prints Have a Lifetime Guarantee: 

How professional labs stay true to color for hundreds of years is above my paygrade, but they’re guaranteed for life and as your photographer, this gives me the utmost peace of mind. 

4. All prints are not created equally: 

I have searched and printed and reprinted with several different professional labs over the last couple years. I can confidently say that I work with the best labs with the best customer service, guaranteeing those images match my final edit 100%. 

5. My Prints are True to Color: 

After our wedding I was diligent to get our photos printed stat and I couldn't wait to scrapbook an album. (yes, I was a crazy scrapbooker back then and this was well before my professional printing days :) ). Those images are now green. You read that right...Green. After only 8 years. It has been on my list to reprint them, but again…It’s one more thing to do when I could have done it right the first time. 

You're busy. I get it.  Don't you want one less thing to do (or stress about) after your next photography session?  

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