Boise Photographer | The One Who Made Me Pick Up My Camera | MK Nature Center

What was suppose to be a location scouting adventure turned into a mini session for our TWO year old. Sadly, I find it harder and harder to edit our own personal photos these days, let alone take them. I save personal photos for the off season or the days she takes extra long naps (praying those never end!). 

We call her our "Nora the Explorer" because, hello, just look at her. On the go with an agenda to play. No looking at my camera, she says! Some day I hope she loves taking photos as much as I do, but for now I'll capture her doing what she does best... Being a toddler, and an independent one at that! I don't want to forget the way she grips her lovey, runs off quick to show me a new bridge, or even the face she gets before her famous toddler tantrum (scroll down for proof!). But most importantly, I want to remember our daily adventures with just the two of us. Being us. Our days seem long and when she falls asleep we miss her. And if you're a mama, you know the years, they are too short. 

I'm often asked why I got into family photography in the first place. Well, here she is. I have a passion for watching littles grown and documenting the important details along the way. What do I love most about my "job" is another good one. I love the relationships with the families I work with. They become sweet friends from our first phone call and I become a person of trust in their lives over the years. I'm one of the first faces to come into your home after welcoming your first baby and then I come back a year or two later to document siblings meeting for the first time. I have a special job. And one I take very seriously. 

I understand how hard it is to get parents in the frame. How many are you in, mama?!  I still have a couple openings for my "Mother's Day Minis" May 11th and 12th. Check out all the details below and let me know your preferred spot!