Boise Newborn Photographer | 5 Tips Before Your Newborn Lifestyle Session

I get a lot of questions about newborn lifestyle photography and what to expect. Let's do a quick refresher on what lifestyle photography is and why I'm completely obsessed with it. 

Let's set the scene. You just brought home your new baby and instantly that little human starts growing (oh, so much faster than we'd like to admit). What will you want to remember when that little human is all grown? Perhaps those tiny fingers wrapped around yours or how easy their head fit into dad's palms? Possibly the way you and dad looked at him completely in love and thankful that he's finally here? Here's the thing, life as you know it is complete now. The moments and details are what I capture and what you'll love years from now when he's all grown. 

props, beanbags, and wraps oh my!


No need for waiting hours and hours for me to wrap, swaddle, and pose baby on a beanbag. I'll capture your family doing what it does best, being real, raw, and you. Lifestyle photography captures authentic moments that can’t be planned or staged. 

Let's talk wardrobe

Mom, start with what you feel comfortable in first. Either a dress, or something light, comfortable and casual.  Light neutrals photograph beautifully, but I don't discourage darker colors mixed in. You’ll want to avoid bright colors like apple red or orange so they don't reflect onto that sweet newborn's face.

Pairing simple basics with textured overlays, such as a robe or a slouchy open sweater are always encouraged. From there you can coordinate the rest of the family.


Example: This family used pink and neutrals in the nursery, so a wardrobe palette of navy and neutrals was perfect to tie it all together.


A sleepy baby

I can't tell you how often I arrive and baby is up and ready to party.  Feeding baby right before your session gives us a good chance we’ll have a sleepy newborn right from the start. If not, no need to stress. Many times I'll catch those eyelids closed at some point. Bottom line...Whether your baby is awake or asleep during your session, remember that the moments you'll love will happen organically.

Natural light

Keep an eye out in your house where and what time your rooms have the most light. I typically photograph in 3 areas- the living room, your master, and the nursery. I ask that you send me photos of your rooms before the session if I don't come to visit you beforehand. Depending on your home, usually around the 10am-2pm we get the best light.

If you only have one room that works, that's great! I’m happily surprised with the sessions I’ve had with only one window to work with.  


Usually I start with the whole family if big brother or sister is happy and ready to go. If they're not ready, I’ll start with baby and we’ll add them in later. Photographers have quite a few tricks to keep things moving right along and stress-free. Many times, they're so excited about their new role that they'll want to hold and kiss all over their new best friend. If they still don’t want to be involved, I try my best to get them in the frame. 9 out of 10 times they'll change their mind. ;)


Timing is everything

I always advise parents to contact me in their second trimester to guarantee their session. I leave a healthy gap in my calendar open from before you're due to two weeks after you're due so there's no pressure. I’m in and out within an hour (sometimes 90 minutes) so you can get back to your newborn life as soon as possible. 


Are you excited yet?! If it's time to schedule your newborn session let's chat soon. Click the contact button below or email me at to schedule your session. 

There are no words to convey how amazing our photo session experience with Natalie was! Not only is she a kind, wonderful, charming, and passionate human being, but professional and oh, so helpful during the process leading up to our photo shoot! Mamas - does thinking about family photos stress you out? Call Natalie and it’ll be a breeze. From planning what time of day, to what outfits you should wear, to getting your kiddo to actually look at the camera, she will take care of ALL of it! I cannot speak highly enough of our experience with Natalie and am still gushing over our photos — I will treasure them forever.
— Reader family